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Welcoming Message From The Vice-Chancellor

         21st Century Innovative Solutions through Research and Technology Transfer

Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage,Vice-Chancellor Egerton University

On behalf of Egerton University, it is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to all esteemed participants of the 15th Biennial International Conference whose theme is “Research for Innovative Solutions in the 21st Century". In today's rapidly evolving landscape, marked by volatility and uncertainty, the need for resilience and adaptability has never been more pressing. As researchers and scholars, we must rise to the occasion, leveraging our expertise to develop creative solutions that navigate the complexities of the modern era.

The globalization of access to information presents unprecedented opportunities for researchers to enhance the relevance and visibility of their work on a global scale. Through harnessing these resources, we can foster collaboration and exchange of ideas, driving innovation and progress in our respective fields.

This year's conference spans six dynamic sub-themes, encompassing crucial areas such as education, literature, sustainable agriculture, STEM advancements, healthcare, and environmental resilience. As we delve into these topics, we encourage participants to explore avenues for commercializing their research outputs, thereby catalyzing sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. Keynote addresses will provide invaluable insights into how researchers can harness their expertise to address pressing national challenges, from poverty alleviation to environmental sustainability. By fostering a culture of knowledge transfer, we can ensure that research findings are effectively utilized to drive positive change across the private and public sectors.

We are honoured to host researchers from near and far, both in person and virtually, as we come together to exchange ideas and advance knowledge. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all presenters for their contributions, which promise to enrich our collective understanding and inspire innovative solutions for the benefit of Kenya and beyond.

Welcome to the 15th Biennial International Conference at Egerton University.

Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage,

Vice-Chancellor Egerton University